Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back in the saddle

These are proofs of an unfinished print I had set down quite some time ago. A hot potato that's gotten cold. But I'm reheating it. It's experimental, so we'll see how it goes. The image is of the tide flats at Indian Point just below the bluff in the headlands, a protected wildlife habitat area next to my house. I'm always struck by the interesting patterns the tides create down there. They change quickly, especially after a storm.
I figure I'll be cutting more blocks for this print. I had gotten stuck and didn't know quite what to do next with it. One reason I set it down. And now I know exactly what I need to do. A friend had said he liked it at this point and didn't think I needed to do anything more with it. I have this image in my head and this isn't it. So when does one stop?
Well here are some of the plates and proofs using three blocks. I'll probably end up using 6-7. I can see that I'll be re-cutting a couple already. It's a fairly large image for a block print.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


All comments welcome!


First Blog

Blogging. A new experience for me. As web savvy as I've considered myself, I've learned that I'm just not on top of it!

This blog is about making pictures of all kinds every day. A place for myself and others to share information and thoughts. I'll be posting sketches along with progress on projects both in illustration and art.
I'll also be posting general information, learning sites, artists, events and gallery openings. Also making announcements in regards to workshops given by me and other artist friends.

To start, I've got the bug to do Moku Hanga, traditional Japanese woodblock printing. Linoleum has been a mainstay in printmaking for me, so tackling wood will be new. I've done it before, but I'm lousy at sharpening tools, so have not tackled it for quite some time.
I joined the Baren, Have learned allot so far. There's a wealth of information on this site. All the people I've met on the forum have been great and helped me navigate through that system. I guess reading the "How to's" would help.

Today I'm working on setting this up and also on a group of interpretive panels for
Freund Marsh at Oak Harbor here on Whidbey Island. Dan Pedersen of the Marine Resources Committee (MRC) has written the copy. A great guy to work with. And a talented writer. I've worked with Sue Van Etten, his wife, along with Shelley Hartle and Betty Azar at Azar Associates on their website doing some spot paintings most recently. for those of you studying English. And others like myself who struggle with grammar!

Time to glue my rear to the chair at my drawing table.



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