Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eight Blocks Later

My first proof of the Lucy Reflected image. There's one slight value change I'll make, but this is very close. Eight blocks. I'm relieved the corrugated cardboard worked, as I was concerned I'd crush it, but it was surprisingly strong stuff. Lucy's a great little subject with her calico colors and voluptuous body and soft curves.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Cat Reflextion

I cut one more plate and proofed the Headlands piece shown below. I could see various adjustments to make but before taking those steps wanted to experiment with simplified plates using a thin linoleum-like product with a sticky backing and Poly Print. I thought this cat image would be a good subject for the experiment since what I have in mind has very little detail. It was planned for a local auction for WAIF, an animal welfare organization here on Whidbey Island. Maybe I could apply this process to the Headlands. I had purchased these products many years ago and decided it was time to play with it. It sped up my process significantly. These were cut Friday night. Yes, I had a date with my drawing table. I know these products are cheap and inferior to a lino, but there are some small areas in the Headlands piece that only require a flat color so I'm looking for a fast way to get it down. I also wanted to try using some corrugated cardboard for contrast. This abbreviated process may also be helpful in my illustration work. I've got numerous projects on my board and haven't had time to proof this cat image. I'm chomping on the bit. I have a few more plates to create yet. I'm guesstimating 8-10 plates total. It's an image I'd like to keep rough. I like the happy accidents that occur with mis-registration. Above is an image of the key and color blocks created thus far. Later tonight I hope to run a proof... if I don't have a date. I'd much rather date my work.

I had created prints to appear on packaging for an organic pizza company called American Flatbread. These are two of six. Now stocked at your local Whole Food Markets.

Happy printing!


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