Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eight Blocks Later

My first proof of the Lucy Reflected image. There's one slight value change I'll make, but this is very close. Eight blocks. I'm relieved the corrugated cardboard worked, as I was concerned I'd crush it, but it was surprisingly strong stuff. Lucy's a great little subject with her calico colors and voluptuous body and soft curves.


Andy English said...

A lovely print - I particularly enjoyed the curves of the shape of the cat and the subtle colours. Bravo!

Jen said...

That is beautiful! It looks very watercolor-ish... I am amazed how you managed to get the colors to look like that!


Kris Wiltse said...

Thanks! I very much appreciate your support(s). I admire the work of you both.
Andy... I stop in at your blog frequently to watch you cut engravings. They are very beautiful. And story telling.
Jen... Your work is very lovely too. Your cuts express the love you feel for your dogs. Energetic and organic.
I feel a kinship in both your art makings. There's an apparent appreciation and love of nature and livings things. I'm a nature lover and tree huger. Heck, I'd even huge my chickens if they'd let me.(a next subject?)
I've been experimenting with using more transparent color in block printing. Watercolors have a jewel-like quality that I'm trying to achieve in my prints. So it's nice to know I'm getting closer!

Thanks again!


Annie B said...

What a lovely print. It has the look of moku hanga. I really like the palette - subdued, a little bit like an early 20th Century storybook.


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