Saturday, August 29, 2009

Akua Kolors on Bikini Beach


Just got my new Akua Kolor inks so I created this image as a quick experiment. I also dusted off the blocks of the old Headlands piece (in earlier posts) and just started brushing on color and printed a few layers. I'll post that piece in a day or two. I love the transparency and watercolor quality of these inks. Akua inks are delightful to work with! Unfortunately I ran into some problems with the linoleum on the bikini image. I didn't seal it so the linoleum absorbed the ink and created too much texture when printed. I'm using two kinds of lino, gold linoleum was used for the Headlands piece, brown linoleum for Bikini. I always sand the surface to make it smoother and found gold takes Akua Kolor better than brown. I did some tests sealing it with gesso and that works very well. The brown linoleum must have a high clay content which makes it very absorbent if the surface is removed. But the cuts are nice and crisp, so it's worth working with. I'm a little bummed that I have to do one more step to prep the surface. I love the consistency and easy clean up of Akua Kolors. They're much like oils and I'm applying it with brushes. Livens the surface nicely, making them a bit like Monoprints.


Petra said...

Cool, Kris. I love to see art of less-than-perfect women who are perfect just the way the are.

Petra said...

"Duet" is the only sculpture I've allowed myself to purchase. I love it.

Kris Wiltse said...

Thanks, Petra. The human form in all it's variations is so beautiful.
I checked out Barbara's sculptures. They're lovely.


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