Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning Glory Block Print

Had this simple idea for a greeting card. More of an excuse to play with line and shapes. And my new Akua Kolors. This isn't done yet. I may add another block. It needs something, not sure what. I'll sleep on it and work on another image.


About Bobbi... said...

Hi Kris,

I love the morning glory, a lot. I just ordered a few Akua colors (black and brown) to play with. I wanted something waterproof so I can do some handcoloring of my prints.

Interesting to read about your technique of brushing on the Akuas instead of rolling them on. That appeals to me.

Happy experimenting!

bobbi c.
grackle stew studio
down in Texas

Kris Wiltse said...

Thanks, Bobbi. I briefly saw your posts at the Baren and was going to add my two cents in on my experience with Akua Kolors. I think if you enjoy painting, you'll enjoy working with them. I use both the intaglio and bottle versions for brushing on. I go through allot of blending medium and tend to use it instead of extender. I enjoy using transparent color, so I make them quite thin. But they seem to soften, almost bleed, if more than two layers are applied on top of one another when wet. Probably my excessive use of mediums. So it's leading me to traditional Moku Hanga using dry pigments mixed in water. Ultimately my love for organics, watercolor and wood, will win out.

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing your experience with Akua Kolors.

Thanks again for your input!


Linda Germain said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for the encouragement. This print is striking. Love to read about your experimentations with inks and things.
Linda Germain


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