Friday, November 20, 2009

Woodcut Christmas Card in the Works!

Snowflakes and no snow... yet. I think a simple three block image for this year. Finding wood much easier to cut than I thought it would be. Enjoying being able to get good detail. Though it'll definitely have a hand cut quality to it. If anyone wants one, email me your address: and I'll make sure you receive one!


starkeyart said...

Cool design, Kris! I like the details. I recently made the switch from lino to wood and I think I am liking the wood much more, especially when it comes time to print. Looking forward to seeing your other blocks...

Kris Wiltse said...

Thank you for the compliment, and stopping by starkeyart. Wood is lovely to work with. It's a thrill to lift the paper from the the block and see the results.

starkeyart said...

I so agree with regarding lifting the paper from the block. It's almost like opening a present. You don't know what it's going to be, but you know you are going to like it.

I've been RSSing your blog for a couple of months... I think I found it when I switched to Akua Kolors (I luv them), or maybe from the Baren Forum.

I had to laugh when I saw your registration system...mine looks almost exactly the same!


Nihal said...

Smiling Hello Kris:)
This is exquisite! A first for me to see woodcut designs, and loved so much snowflake cards. I am not sure but can you make an international ship?
PS- a huge thanks to dearest Rebecca (via linkedin) so I get chance to visit your wonderful art-y corner:)

Kris Wiltse said...

Hi, Nihal. I am so glad and thankful for your comments. Thank you and Rebecca too. I hope she can take me to your beautiful country someday soon!


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