Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Painting in Progress

Thank you, Nancy, for your comment on my last post about the bowl of fruit working as a painting. I was just thinking about taking it in that direction and with your encouragement will do so. I've always considered myself a painter, applying painting techniques to my prints, so it's an easy reach.
I visited  "Daily Paintworks" which has weekly challenges and thought I'd try the "German Landscape Challenge." There's some beautiful and inspiring works that have been submitted, so I encourage people to take a look.
Here's my "German Landscape" painting. It's far from finished, but it's given me some good feedback and ideas. The color is driving me crazy. It's done with acrylics which are feeling gaudy to me, so I'll start applying oils on top and try to take it down. It'll be a work in progress for some time!


Sue Pownall said...

Oh this is different. I like it so far and look forward to seeing the finished painting.

Kris Wiltse said...

Thanks, Sue. It's become my evening obsession. Like you, I've been feeling in a rut, so I'm hoping playing around with an opaque medium will get me out of it.

Nancy Goldman said...

I really like this so far Kris but I know what you mean about colors in acrylics seeming too bright sometimes. I wonder why that is? It seems like if we can mix colors in other mediums, we should be able to do the same thing in acrylics. I have that problem and, like you, sometimes switch to oils to tone down the colors of an acrylic painting.

Kris Wiltse said...

Hi, Nancy. Looking at what acrylics I have on my palette, many are premixed, straight out of the tube colors. Maybe that's the problem. My oil palette looks more like my watercolor palette; a basic primary and secondary, with some earth tones. Think I'll change my acrylic palette to match and see what happens. Thanks for your comment!

wawos said...

Very nice. A walk under the moon. I like the light effect.


Maureen said...

Really like the moonbeams lighting up the road. Very nice.

kaslkaos said...

I like the colours, which makes me not much help, but it reminds me so much of walking at night, something I do a lot of at this time of year.
Subscribed to your blog too, as I would love to see more.

Beatriz said...

The colors convey calmness.

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